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Public Limited Company

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A Public Limited Company (PLC) is a business that is publicly traded on a stock exchange. The company’s ownership is divided into shares in a PLC, and these shares can be bought and sold by the general public. In contrast, shares in a private limited corporation are often owned by a small group of persons or private entities and are not publicly traded.

Law.Legal.Tax offers affordable and trustworthy Public Limited Company registration services in India. We can help you with every step of the process, from choosing the right structure for your company to filing the necessary paperwork. We are experts in the field and we are committed to providing our clients with the best possible service

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    Public Limited Company
    Private Limited Company
    Minimum: 3
    Minimum: 2
    Members / Shareholders
    Minimum: 7 Maximum: No Limit
    Minimum: 2 Maximum: 200
    Public Invitations
    Issuance Of Prospectus
    Not Required
    Name Variances
    Must have ‘Limited’ at the end of its name
    Must have PVT. LTD. at the end of its name
    Mandatory Statutory Meeting
    Managerial Remunerations
    There are no as such restrictions
    Cannot exceed the limit of 11% of its net profit
    Stock Exchange
    Public Limited Company has the option to list on the stock exchange and participate in public stock trading
    Not listed on stock exchange neither carry out stock trade publicly

    Documents required




    PAN Card


    Registered Office Proof


    Copy of Aadhaar Card


    Address Proof


    No Objection Certificate

    Benefits of Registering a Public Limited Company

    Limitation of Shareholders' Liability

    The amount of shares that each shareholder and director owns in a public limited company determines how much responsibility they have. For instance, under the regulations, the shareholders' personal assets won't be impacted if the public limited business encounters any financial difficulties.

    Separate Legal Entity

    A Public Limited Company's existence is independent of any individual's participation in the business. Any Shareholder or Director, for instance, can leave the company without having any impact on the actually of the specific Public Limited Company.

    Simple Share Transferability

    Shares of a Public Limited Company may be transferred easily by adhering to the Companies Act, 2013, requirements. In addition, the fact that it is listed on the stock exchange and has a transferability feature encourages individuals to invest, which results in financial aid for the same.

    Inclusion on the Stock Exchange

    Public Limited firms, as opposed to Private Limited organizations, are able to list themselves on the popular Stock Exchanges and the IPO (Indian Public Offerings). This results in a number of advantages and chances for business.

    There are countless sources of funding

    A public limited company may generate funds through crowdsourcing or by participation from the general public while adhering to the law. It makes it easier for a company to pursue new endeavors and survive in the market.

    Concerned with Business Transparency

    Public limited companies require public participation and engagement at all phases of their operations, so the organization constantly seeks to make its business operations transparent by making these documents available to the public.

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    A public limited company (PLC) is a company that can sell shares to the public.

    PLCs can raise more capital, are seen as more credible, and are more liquid than limited companies.

    At least 2 directors and shareholders, share capital, registered office, unique company name.

    Agent can help with paperwork and legal requirements, advise on best structure, choose a name, open a bank account, appoint directors and officers.

    File annual financial statements, hold annual general meetings, appoint auditors, comply with laws and regulations.

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